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Our Services

Shuniya Yoga Studio provides Yoga in Maitland, NSW. We also provide Zen Shiatsu, Yoga therapy, Sound healing, Meditation and Health products. The Maitland Yoga scene is growing and our studio is a great place to start your Yoga journey. Getting healthy can be a daunting experience as there is so much conflicting information available. At Shuniya Yoga studio we keep it simple and accessible to people from all walks of life. At the end of the day being healthy is a simple formula. Move the body, eat healthy and spend some time relaxing. You can do this at our beautiful studio in the heart of Maitland.

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Yoga Classes

The style of yoga we teach in Maitland is based on the seasons and draws from Japan and India. Our bodies are constantly changing throughout the year and so should our yoga practice. We use different postures for each season to help our body and organs achieve optimum health. Japanese yoga uses specific movements and stretches to target the bodies meridian health and optimize organ health. Indian yoga uses postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation to keep our bodies strong and flexible and our mind relaxed and calm.


We provide a range of workshops from 2 hour master classes to 1 day yoga and cooking workshops. All are designed to increase your knowledge of health and well being so you can apply it to your life.

Shuniya Wellness

Shuniya Wellness provides a range of health treatments, including Zen Shiatsu, Naturopathy and health programs designed to support your long term well being. Our programs will support you every step of the way so that you are empowered and able to live a happy and healthy life on your own merits.

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Sound Healing

Not only do we provide regular group sound healing sessions with sound alchemist Harry Ford, Harry also does 1 on 1 sound healing. Sound healing works deeply on the subconscious to help change the vibration of negative experiences to a higher frequency, thus creating a shift in our negative patterns.

Your Healthy Choices

Good health comes down to making good decisions. Eating healthy, exercise and relaxation are the 3 pillars to success.

Improve Your Life

Poor health equals low quality of life. Small and simple healthy changes to your lifestyle, can have a big impact on your health and well being.

Latest News

Shuniya Yoga Studio is your one stop shop for all your health requirements. As well as yoga classes we also offer Zen Shiatsu, a powerful healing modality from Japan and health workshops.

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Happy Customers

Just to let you know that before Wednesday’s morning class I had been having back pain for more than a week after the twisting action of trying to start my reluctant leaf blower.Following the gentle stretching exercises in class my back returned to normal with no pain.This morning’s class will continue to help with strengthening of my back in the future.I like to do at least two Yoga classes per week to help with my flexibility as I am not as young as I used to be and I need to look after my health as I intend to live as long as I can.Keep up the good work Harry.

Chris, Hinton

Thank you Harry so much for introducing me to yoga. You have really taught me how to bring a little quiet to my busy world. As nurses we are privileged to get to know people so intimately, however this is sometimes very hard to leave at work and my head was always full of constant chatter.Yoga has taught me to leave it all at the door.

Chris, Maitland

I have been meaning for quite some time to compliment you particularly in regards to the relaxation component of our yoga class. The didgeridoo adds such a special element and I thoroughly enjoyed the new addition last month, of the Native American flute. Please know what a great influence you have in sharing your gifts with our groups.

Kath, Maitland